Brisk Me Away


9 months!

Ugg! It is breaking my heart to write that our baby is already 9 months old!! Geez. Where has the time gone?? This sitting up but not yet crawling age is officially my favorite. I could watch her sit and play for the longest time. And I have vivid memories of the other kiddos at this age. They start to become little people, but can't really get into things yet since there's no mobility. A 9 month old just seems like the classic bouncing baby image to me. I could eat Miss Ruby up right now. She's just precious. Here's a bit about her past  month. She turned 9 months old on 4/9. Her 9 month checkup is on the 20th, so I will have to put stats info in the next post.  

-This month has held LOTS of runny nose/drool for Ruby because of teething. Her face and shirt are constantly wet, and her poor little nose is constantly red and raw. She now has 8 teeth (!!). Last post I said she had 5! No wonder she has had some fussy (for her) days. She's had several days with low fevers and has seemed more tired than normal, and I think all these teeth are the culprit. I even took her to the pediatrician one day because I thought she might have an ear infection, but she was all clear. When I look back at the stats for her siblings at a year, Henry had 7 teeth and Annie had 6, so she is certainly ahead here!

-Over Spring Break, we took our Iowa trip, and she was an amazing traveler. I cannot say enough about how perfect she was. Not ONE peep in her car seat the ENTIRE time. Not to say she was hungry, tired, bored, sore from riding so long, needed a change of scenery....nothing! And with over 12 hours in the car there and back, that is saying a lot. Even I wanted to cry for part of it! We had to keep asking Henry-What is Ruby doing?-because she was so quiet. We thought surely she had fallen asleep, but he would say-she's just staring at me! or she's just looking around! She was an angel during all of our visits, too. Totally happy and go with the flow.

-She's been introduced to lots more food. Traveling so much facilitated this, too. Among other things, she's had water from straw (like a bird dropper) and sippy cup, cheerios (whole ones-her siblings love to feed her these), pancake, biscuit, fry, banana (loves!), tortilla...she seems to really like food and I'm thankful! She now loves the pouches and also food from a spoon and gets animated when those come out and also any kind of cracker/mum mum type thing.

-She has started putting her hands together and clapping on her own and it is so cute! She just watches us and smiles when we do it, but sometimes she will just impromptu clap herself. I've been working on "so big" with her, but she's not doing it on her own yet. She also sits so happily in front of the toy basket pulling stuff out. She will sit and play for the longest time.

-One time this past month I went to pick her up at school and she was in the exersaucer so I just left her in there while I gathered up all of our stuff. After I walked by her I looked back and she had totally lost it-she was crying and so upset that I had just walked on by and not gotten her! There were 3-4 adults in the room and she got all of our attention at the same time-they all thought it was so sweet and cute that she made her wishes so obviously known-especially since she is normally so chill!!

-I have to put her hair up in pig tails most of the time now. She gets attention from so many people in public and they say stuff like-she looks just like a little doll! The bad thing, though, is that she kind of resists me messing with her hair now and pulls away. I have to give her something good to distract her so I can deal with it. I kind of want to cut it, but every time I mention it people act like I'm terrible and I can't possibly cut it before she's 1! We will see if I can resist or not...........

-The kids are so cute to love Ruby and notice all of her firsts. Henry especially does and will say, Oh, Mommy! It's Ruby's first time in a car wash! Or It's her first sunburn! (Yes, that did happen! It was just pink cheeks after being outside all Saturday, but I felt terrible. I don't know why it didn't dawn on me to at least put a hat on the kid. Summer comes early in Alabama!). Annie is a very sympathetic sister and anytime Rubes gets upset she will sound like a little mama and say, "Sweetie, sweetie,'s ok! Awwwwe! It's ok, baby!"

-We were out one Saturday and Henry had his new tball hat. He gave it to Ruby to play with after asking if it it was ok. There were a few times later on that she gagged in her carseat, and we thought she might be getting a stomach bug or something. After it happened again, we pulled over and I got her out to look at her. I almost missed it, but caught a glimpse of something in her mouth I thought...I had to work hard to pull out the shiny round baseball sticker that was on the bill of his hat. Ugg! Babies are so resilient-it's amazing more stuff like that doesn't happen-but I'm so glad she was ok!

You are growing so fast, Little Girl! Slow down a little, OK?! We love you and want to cherish each sweet day. 

Hands in mouth a lot this month from teething


8 months!

This has been a big month for Miss Ruby Jane! I guess every month is big when you are a baby! She's so much fun and a bundle of sweet joy! We all love her so! See below for a few notes about her month...she was 8 months old on 3/9.

-It's official! She sleeps thru the night! This started on 2/13  like a little early Valentine for me! Ugg. I thought the day would never come!:) She has done some solid sleep night and also sometimes wakes up and fusses, but now I don't go in anymore and she self soothes just fine. She takes 2 daytime naps (about 10-11:30 & 1:30-3:330 or later) and goes to bed with the bigs at about 7 or 7:30. She wakes early to eat (5 or 5:30), but I lay her right back down and she sleeps until I have to go in and wake her for school at 6:45.
-She had a couple of fussy days which was very unlike her and then I discovered it was teeth coming in. She now has 2 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth.
-She's been introduced to several new baby foods this month and seems to like most of them! She gagged on peas but I think it was bc it was thicker. She has gotten to gnaw on pizza crust, mum-mums, teething biscuits, and has had a bite of real mashed potatoes. I send baby food to school now and she gets it around lunch and at home at dinner, too. She has been introduced to pouches (3/4) and she did ok, but they kinda frustrate her. She seems to like a spoon better which is fine for now! She does NOT appreciate getting her face wiped afterward, though! She sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time this month during our Chattanooga trip.
-We retired the lay down bathtub, and she sits up with her siblings now inside the ring thing we have. So BIG! She LOVES the tub and any water and gets all animated and squealy when she sees water nearby. She got to get in the hotel pool in Chat and was definitely a fan! She's gonna love the summer!
-She also sat in a shopping cart for the first time this month while she and I made a trip to TN to meet our newest family member Jake. She looks so little and cute in the cart, and she's so happy about it.
-She is not mobile. She is really happy to just sit and hang out and when she does get on her belly she will do push ups, but that is about it. She kinda just pushes herself backward and slides around on the hardwood floor. When she's sitting she will clasp her hands together and shake them up and down and bop her whole body up and down so happy! Her very favorite thing still has to be strings on a sweatshirt or jacket! And paper if she accidentally gets some! She is getting more grabby and will go for things that she never would have a month ago. She leans WAY forward to reach for what she wants and also fusses when something she has gets taken away (usually paper or plastic-go figure). She has such a happy personality and is loved by all. She gets lots of different people taking care of her at school everyday, and they all say this about her, and I tend to agree! She's just a pleasant baby, and I am so thankful!
-We get a kick out of all of the things she does with her mouth-clicking, talking, making bubbles, moving her jaw up and down. Most of the time that bottom lip is sucked in, though, and it takes a lot to let it go. She will smirk and make a smile while simultaneously sucking in that lip. It give her a unique sweet look all her own. She has such a sweet little voice and we all love hearing it.
-We had her baby dedication at church on 2/26 with family in town for Henry's bday, so that was a special sweet time with her. She wore the same dress that was made my a relative for Annie's dedication and looked precious, of course!

We sure do love you, Ruby Jane. You are a sweetie.

Her hair has to be out of her face somehow. These pigtails have ended up being the perfect do for her because it is so long on the sides! When it is down she looks like a Jewish man with his side curls! Plus just a mop of hair in her face!

This is her trying to figure out what her siblings are playing behind me on the ground while I took pics. So serious!

Steven playing peek-a-boo with her.

Where's Ruby??

There she is!


Love those chubby cheeks and bright eyes.

And finally she figured out she could lunge for my phone, and there was no going back!


Henry is FIVE!

Henry turned five on 2/26. How can it be?? Five is like a real life, bona fide, KID! Where has the time gone? I seriously feel like our precious boy was born just yesterday. He made us parents and changed our world! Below is his little bday questionnaire along with a bunch of notes on the past 6 months. I could write a book, so I just have to stop myself at some point!

1. What is your favorite color? Red
2. What is your favorite toy? Stuffed animals (all)
3. What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries
4. What is your favorite tv show? Cat and the Hat
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? pretzels, cheese, crackers (He still eats a peanut butter and honey sandwich everyday at school-he's a creature of habit just like Daddy!)
6. What is your favorite outfit? Slicky clothes (ie-sports clothes)
7. What is your favorite game? Hide and Seek
8. What is your favorite snack? Cheese-its, Trail Mix
9. What is your favorite animal? Flamingo (ha!) This seemed weird to me, so I asked him another day and he said cheetah and mountain lion
10. What is your favorite song? He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
11. What is your favorite book? Curious George, Jesus Storybook Bible
12. Who is your best friend? Eli and Abby
13. What is your favorite cereal? Raisin Bran
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Ride on my Scooter
15. What is your favorite drink? Sprite (This is new as in just a few months ago he tried it. He says he likes it, but it is funny because when we order it for him he just takes a few sips. He knows it is special and a big kid thing, but I'm not sure if he actually likes it or just the idea of it! He does like juice, water, milk, though!)
16. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Big blankie (gray and white one)
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Cereal, doughnuts (special treat-I had to remind him that this was an option!)
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Pizza
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian

Henry's #1 love is still arts and crafts. We say that's where he finds his true joy!:) We hope he can get into some actual classes maybe this summer since he enjoys it so much. He is a very focused worker. This is a trait I hear from ALL of his teachers (each day is a different teacher at school), and we see it at home as well. He is this way about his art as well as his school type work (writing, math, cutting, coloring, etc). His Pre-K teachers will say that he chooses to continue working on his school work rather than go play! He will extend whatever they've taught and whatever activity they've done by continuing it and adding onto it (ie-they all make a rainbow out of tissue paper, then he also makes one out of construction paper. They all make a shield, then he makes a sword to go with it...then a couple of days later a breastplate of righteousness!). Then oftentimes at home he will re-create whatever he has learned at school as soon as he walks in the door! He also will visualize what he wants before he goes to do it. We see him stopping to just think aka "dream" about what he wants his project to look like before he begins. Then he will work and work to get it like he wants it. Grandma recently noticed this when she was keeping him at home during sickness. He made a monkey, giraffe, whale, and tiger all on his own and thought it all up himself. He cut out tons of little pieces of paper and put them in a pile (to us it would look like trash). Then he assembled it all into these perfect creations! He asks for tape and glue and scissors ALL.THE.TIME.
We love this about him, but sometimes his little perfectionist qualities can drive us bonkers, too, as he has a hard time quitting a project or gets upset if something does not look how he wants it. He is like his daddy in this way rather than me!! He is very meticulous. One example of this was when we were wrapping Christmas gifts and were using striped paper. I had it wrapped around and was about to tape it, but he stopped me to tell me that it wasn't right. On the underneath part the stripes were slightly off and not lined exactly up!! Steven agreed (oh brother!!), so I re-adjusted it for them!! Oh, and related to that, Henry wrapped quite a few gifts for Christmas. I just gave him the supplies, and he went to town. I didn't help him cut, tape, or fold a single thing. He actually did a really nice job!! And he loved doing it, of course. This translates to his clothes folding abilities, too. He and I fold clothes together and he does them perfectly-lays them out flat on the ground and then works until he gets a perfectly folded bundle to stack with the rest of the laundry.

Henry still loves all music and really seems to have an ear for it. He picks songs up SO quickly-we are always amazed. He is always singing a little tune and humming as he works. He knows quite a range of genres-anything from church songs, traditional kid songs, radio songs, and Steven exposes him to the classics like Queen, The Beatles, etc. along with all of his obscure rock music. We get a kick of what he decides to belt out! He is getting some kid-sized drums for his birthday, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks about those. Just a funny note-we were with family over Thanksgiving and the girl cousins wanted to go into Justice. He went to be with them and they all (family and workers) got a kick out of him dancing down the aisles and belting out "let it go" from frozen-perfectly pitched and on key. Future blackmail??
Henry has a very sensitive spirit and loves talking about God. We had a really special talk on December 19th in Lexington this Christmas. He and I were by ourselves upstairs and there was an ornament on the tree that he pointed out was made by a family member (Steven's great grandmother) who isn't alive anymore. I said yeah, but she's in heaven because she was a Christian. He piped up and said, "I'm a Christian!" so Romans 10:9 came to my mind (we had just been talking about it at school!), and I used it to ask him if he believed in his heart that Jesus is God's son (yes!) and if he professes with his mouth that Jesus is Lord (I explained what this is-yes!). Then I said, yeah, buddy, that does make you a Christian! Then he actually brought up the fact that he sins, but that Jesus forgives him. Anyway, it was a really sweet talk, and it happened so organically. Just the Sunday prior there was a song in church that really resonated with me called Simple Gospel, and this little conversation brought that song back up in my mind. We adults complicate things, but really the Gospel is simple. The Bible talks about the value of having faith like a child which I can totally see in our little guy. He doesn't complicate things, he just sees the simple Gospel and believes. It's really an encouragement to me!
While I'm writing about that, I'll include a few other little conversations we've had lately. A few weeks later he came home from school and ran to his art table. He drew a few things, then showed them to me. He talked all about God's heart vs. our heart and explained that our hearts are broken and yucky (heart pic), but that God's heart is perfect (different heart pic). He also talked about how we are kind of broken and messed up, but when we get to Heaven he explained that "God kind of sews us up". It was so sweet in his little way of explaining, and I want to remember it forever. :) He also recites the Lord's prayer now, which he learned from church, and says it before dinner sometimes. He's recently asked us a lot about Satan (in view of the armor of God to fight against him), so that was interesting. He talked about how Satan can't take our peace or joy because that comes from God. He had LOTS of  questions, and I'm not sure how great of a job I did, but I'm glad he's asking and has a desire to understand more! He knows the Lord's Prayer and quite a few Bible verses, but I think we need to challenge him with longer passages at this point!
He's still such a sweet brother and will say things like, "I have a lot of other friends, but you're my best friend, Annie." Of course they have their moments, but overall they get along quite well, and he is very tolerant of her 2 year old antics. Some of their favorite things to do together are sidewalk chalk, race, build forts, play hide-and-seek, play with stuffed animals, and play games like Hungry Hungry Hippo-if an adult is there to mediate. He is great to play with Ruby and talk to her/distract her when I need to do something. He does some great baby talk. He's not allowed to pick her up, but one time I asked him to sit with her while I was doing some kitchen stuff, and she was on a blanket. He started pulling the blanket around with her on it like a chariot. They ended up in the kitchen and she was all smiles and squeals just egging him on. He'd taken her on a ride around the entire house much to her delight! He also sits with her in the car when we get home because I immediately go in and lay Annie down, then come back for Ruby. He takes this job very seriously and will climb up and sit on the back of her car seat and sing, talk, and make noises for her. Even when he gets a little wild and rambunctious it is hard to tone him down because she is all smiles and laughs egging him on. He feeds off of her encouragement!
Just some random notes: sock layers. chomps gum-Annie wants some but we tell her she has to be 4 like Henry before she can chew gum. Taught us googol is more than infinity. Asks "what??" all the time lately-in true man style he has to have things repeated!! He also can't find anything he's looking for just like Daddy, and I have to go in and can find whatever he is looking for in an instant. He's the quiet mouse champ at school. Loves LEGOS-started around Christmas. Still sensitive to movies and prefers mild shows to anything suspenseful. We saw Storks at the $ theater and he made it through ok, but it's like it's all too stressful for him. He calls more dull colors "moldy" like brown, army green, gray, etc. After continual ear infections, he got a second set of tubes and also adenoid removal on 2/16 and did well. It was coupled with a virus following that made it a rough recovery, but the actual surgery went well. No more nap-dropped in the fall since he was having a hard time going to sleep at night. He is still a hard sleeper and is all wrapped up like a cocoon in the morning. He needs extra time in the morning to wake up (whereas Annie just pops out of bed in the best mood). That is more like me! Got a kick out of him saying-It's too sausagy, but I go with it! He also says, "Yeah, baby!" a lot. Tells us, "I love you more than the sand at the beach!" Started tball mid Feb-so far, so good! Sevender-guard and crank it like a chainsaw and double-dating are all school phrases with stories I won't go into. No I amn't for no I'm not, still says popstickle, hates the windows down.

We sure do love you, little man. Thanks for making the past 5 years so sweet. We look forward to what's next!


7 months!

On 2/9 Ruby girl turned 7 months old.

-She's officially started sitting up (2/6)! It's the cutest thing. She is so content looking all around. It is a whole new world to her, and I love seeing her take it all in. Her siblings love to sit beside her and talk to her/interact with her. She must feel more accessible to them, too.

-She's eating rice cereal, sweet potato, carrots, bananas, and pears so far. She really seems to like baby food (cereal least and carrots most I'd say). I just feed her once-around the time we all eat dinner. I'll add a second feeding soon.

-In mid January I started working more consistently with her in the night to sleep (1/22). It seemed to be getting worse rather than better, so I had to do something! I started swaddling her below her armpits instead of her whole body and moved her to her belly (1/10). This didn't really help as much as I'd hoped, but I've kept her in this position. She is now going 6 hour stretches between feedings which doesn't sound great to me, but it's better than it was. She goes to bed around 7:30 and when she wakes up the first time (11 or so), I feed her. I consider this her late night feeding. Then I don't feed her again until around 5 or so. She usually wakes up around 2-3, but I don't feed her then. I was trying to pat her back to get her to sleep, but that was really difficult for me because she is sleeping in a pack and play, and I have to bend WAY over, which was no fun at 2 in the morning. Now I pick her up and she stops fussing immediately. I basically snuggle with her and sometimes fall asleep with her on the futon which is in the playroom where she is currently sleeping (she will move into her room once she starts actually sleeping thru the night). She settles immediately and the times I've tried to feed her, she doesn't even want to eat. Anywhoo....I get her back to sleep and then lay her back down. Sometimes she fusses a little, and I let her work it out. That is our routine right now, but I'm hoping soon she will be able to self-sooth and will go longer stretches.

-She is so vocal and is making all kinds of different noises. She "yells", pops her bottom lip, growls, says "dadadadadada", and makes a noise that Steven says sounds like an ewok. Now instead of just kicking her feet when she sees me, she will yell a long drawn out yell, too, (which Steven and I call her battle cry) and all the nursery workers get such a kick out of it. They say-oh, she had been so quiet! She sure does know momma!!

-She nurses great every 2.5-3 hours or so. She is constantly slapping or swatting with her free arm and loves it when I have strings or a necklace to play with while she eats. She still sucks in her bottom lip and you can see it moving as she sucks on her tongue. Sometimes I have to physically pull her chin to get her to stop when I'm needing to feed her-I try not to be offended! She gets in a pacified trance doing it and it is so funny and cute. It is her signature look, and we all love it. She also does a sweet little smirk when she is sucking her lip and doesn't want to let go but does want to smile.

-She loves the bath and even if she's ready for sleep and starting to get restless, she perks right up when she hears the bathwater and is so happy just splashing around and playing with her little bath toys. She kicks her feet the whole time! She doesn't mind getting water in her eyes and she opens her mouth to try to catch the water when it gets near her mouth. She loves to get a washcloth in her hands and mouth, too. On 2/8 she got to go from the laying down bathtub to the sitting up position, so that was even more exciting for her! She has taken baths by herself, with one and both siblings since then.

-Ruby is such an easy girl. The only thing I can think that makes her upset is getting her face wiped after eating or when I have to wipe her nose. Also when her siblings get all over her and she feels overwhelmed! There are so many days when I don't hear a peep out of her, and I am just amazed at how pleasant she is. She is smiley and sweet, and has such an easy going disposition.

-Just a few notes on events over the past month: lots of outside time/walks with warm winter, baby friend Elijah, time with just Mommy and Daddy while siblings went to Lex with grandma, PCS ice skating, PCS basketball game, Madelyn bday party, knights week (Sofie le giraffe on Lit day, Valentine on holiday), trip to Olive Branch, Memphis IKEA.

This is a great one of her scrunchy nose face. She will scrunch her nose up and breath in and out. The kids get a kick out of this!

She found her tongue in these pics!

I love this one of her scooting down and starting to tell me she's done with my photo shoot! Check out that expression.

Battle cry here

Kicking those legs!

I kept this one to show how blonde she is getting on top. But if I let her hair down there is still a lot of dark that shows. She gets lots of comments about her stylish brown streak and ombre hair style!:)

Love this one of her brother getting involved and her really talking to him about it! Looks like she is giving him a karate chop!

We love you, sweet girl! Can't wait to see what next month holds!


6 months!

This little cutie turned 6 months on January 9th. It's hard to believe half of her first year has gone by. I adore this age. These next few months are some of my favorites in babyhood. I hope to soak it up! She is growing great and is a healthy little girl. I think she's so chunky and is bigger than her siblings at this age because she gets like 3 more feedings than they did at this point since she still wakes up in the night and eats! At her 6 month appointment on 1/9, she was 50% for weight and 75% for height. See below for some events in Ruby's life over the past month.
Look at her cute little hand here
 -She has busy hands while nursing! She is constantly swatting the air or slapping something while she eats. She pulls her own hair, her ear, the nursing cover, my sweatshirt strings, my necklace...she treats those last few like she's found a jackpot!

 -She is showing lots of mommy love right now which I adore of course! When I walk in to nursery to get her, she can be totally happy with whoever has her, but when she sees me she starts to fuss and whine, kick, and get all animated. Then when I take her she smiles and squeals with happiness through her tears. It cracks everyone up. And I couldn't be happier about such a sweet reunion! She loves me, and I love her! Oh, we finally put her in church nursery for the first time on 1/8 and she did great!!
You can see here she's getting blonder!
 -On 1/1 she sat in a highchair for the first time! I didn't feed her anything, but she was happy just sitting up and joining the party. On 1/9, for her half birthday (ha, ha), she got baby food for the first time. She seemed receptive to it (sweet potato) although most of it just comes right back out. She will have to figure out what to do with the spoon in her mouth. She didn't shutter and cringe like Henry did, though, and since then she's done great, so I hope we have an eater on our hands!
She looks HUGE in this one! Check out those legs! We affectionately call her chunker sometimes...
 -She's starting to want to move more and more. She "bops" her bottom and pokes her belly out if she's laying on her back. You can see in the above pic that she slides down when I sit her up bc she won't be still. She "jumps" out of our arms....lunges forward when we have her facing out, etc. She raises up from the swaddle position and it is so funny looking. Sometimes when she's swaddled and I lay her down, she won't lay her head down all the way. She keeps it raised up like she is too interested in what is happening to relax. Same in her car seat. She won't relax, but raises her head up to check things out.
Sweet girl
 -She wants to sit up and has been doing great assisted with the Boppy behind her. She topples over some or folds forward, but she is building her strength, and I know it won't be long before she sits like a pro. I love this stage, but it also makes me sad that it is happening so fast!
 -She has such a round little face and chubby cheeks! I have gotten multiple separate comments about how she looks like a little cabbage patch doll.
 -Random note-She is such a great car rider. We traveled quite a bit over the holiday, and she never made a peep. Both of her siblings were terrible riders for the first 6 months of their lives, so this is an awesome change. It **kind of** makes up for the fact that she is still not sleeping thru the night like they were at this age. At least it's a little trade off. We forget about her back there and think she is asleep because she is so quiet and pleasant. It is a huge blessing with all of the running around we do!
 -It is probably too early to actually tell this, but she has had 2 different episodes of what almost seems like motion sickness. Both times it's been when Steven has been holding her (past her bedtime while at parties), and he kind of walked around and swayed her and she's fallen asleep. When she's woken up, she throws up and looks white as a sheet! The first time it happened we thought surly she had a stomach virus or something, but she never threw up again and acted totally normal. Then when a very similar scenario happened just a week later, we thought it seemed a lot like sickness from motion. Not sure, but it was so weird!
 -Henry and Annie continue to adore her and baby talk her all the time. They love to hold her and get her toys. They really think she's wonderful and there is no jealousy there at all. I love it.
We sure do love you, sweetness. You are a joy and a little bundle of loveliness!


5 months!

Oh, this girl is growing up WAY too fast for me! We call her "angel" because that is really what she it....the easiest, most laid back baby ever. She's truly a pleasure, and it pains me that it's going by so quickly. Below are a few things about her 5th month (turned 5mo on 12/9).

-So aware! She has started staring us down-she just looks into our eyes for the longest time. She will look up at Steven when he's holding her and just study his face. It is too cute, and we love it. She is now watching us eat and drink and acts so curious about it. She will follow out fork or cup up to our mouth with laser focus and curiosity.

-She has gotten really into toys and always needs something in her hands. She's so handsy in general! She grabs things from me while I am holding her-and immediately wants to put them in her mouth-like one time with a leaf Henry had given me:) She loves getting her hands on paper of any kind, too. She's found her feet and grabs them and also pulls her socks off.

-She now has her two bottom teeth! This explains the crazy amount of drool, hands in mouth, and just need to gnaw in general-like a rabbit! She got the first one the day after Thanksgiving, then another 2 days later. Sniff, sniff! This makes her look and seem so old!

-Over Thanksgiving her aunt Mae put her hair up in a little sprout for the first time. It was funny how  many comments she started to get while we were out-lots of attention and things like, "She looks like a little doll!" Her hair has gotten long enough in the front that I pretty much always have a clip in it now. She does not much hair in the back! And it's just funny because it's blonde in the back and still dark in the front when it is down, but when I put it up it looks more blonde all over that way. She has a lot of looks going on!

-She rolls over onto her belly and raises way up to look around. She's getting really strong and looks so old doing this.

-She loves to hear singing!! She is all eyes and big smiles when we sing to her. It is the sweetest thing. If I sing while I am feeding her (sometimes have to feed one kid while putting another one to bed simultaneously....oh the challenges of motherhood:), she will just smile and eat and stare at me. Just precious!

-She sucks her bottom lip all the time!! It is uniquely Ruby, and we love it. I kind of think she is curling her tongue up as she does it, but I'm not exactly sure. It makes her happy, though! She has to consciously let go of her lip to nurse, and I get a kick out of her sometimes as I can see she's having to really decide which she wants more:)

-She is finding her voice! The kids get a kick out of her squeals and the "talking" she does. 

Grabbing those tootsies!

These last 3 are my faves. They really look like Ruby to me.

What a sweet baby you are, Ruby girl. You are loved.